UK: The Public Whip

Public Whip is an example of how open data concerning the work of the houses of the British Parliament can be used to create a service allowing for a comprehensive control of the work of particular politicians. The service provides specific information on the work of all the members of […]

USA: Adopt a hydrant

The Adopt a Hydrant activity is an example of how the Web and Internet applications may be used for allowing initiatives based on the cooperation of Boston’s authorities and the city’s inhabitants in the form of civic voluntary activities. The idea behind the project is the “adoption” of hydrants, i.e. […]

USA: FirstToSee

The FirstToSee is a crisis management system implemented in Pierce County, the United States. It was designed to support the existing emergency system rather than replace it. The first level of the service’s functionality entails submitting reports on the observed crisis situations, such as accidents, natural disasters or crimes. The […]

UK: TheyWorkForYou

TheyWorkForYou is a Web service designed for monitoring the activity of members of the Parliament of Great Britain, the Parliament of Scotland and the Northern Ireland Assembly. It is also planned to include information on the members of the National Assembly for Wales, yet no works towards that are being […]

FI: Oulu Urban Living Labs

The OULLabs implementation is an application designed by the University of Oulu. The project’s main partner is the City of Oulu. The project aim at creating a space for the exchange of opinions and experience, a testing environment for products and services that producers are planning to introduce to the […]

USA: MapBox

MapBox is a service developed by a private enterprise, but it’s based on the use of public open data made available thanks to the portal. Offered by the service is, in the first place, the possibility of downloading and creating (through the MapBox Studio) various types of maps, as […]

PL: is a social project designed and coordinated by the Fundacja Rzeczpospolita Rowerowa Foundation. It was created as a tool facilitating the development of the infrastructure of cycle routes. It also offers a modern way of conducting social consultations and communication with respect to the needs of the inhabitants of […]

USA: Mercaris

Mercaris is a service developed by a private enterprise, but it’s based on public open data made available with the use of the portal. It offers two types of functionality to logged-in users: 1. Access to the main market data on organic and non-GMO agricultural commodities (e.g. trade statistics, […]

USA: Climate

Though developed by a private enterprise, this Climate application is based on public open data made available through the portal. Its full functionality can be accessed through a smartphone application. This application has been designed especially for farmers to help them protect and improve the efficiency of cultivation. Data […]


The smartphone application: Though developed by a private enterprise, this application is based on public open data made available through the portal. The AirNOW application allows users to get specific information on air quality conditions that is generated based on the entered postal code. Access to the application’s full […]