PL: Parlament

Parlament application is a solution focused on the use of social use of monitoring the work of representatives of public authorities. The functionally developed application is based on using and disseminating public data on the work of Polish MPs. Currently (as of February 5, 2015) the tool presents data on […]

UK: Parent View. Your child’s school

Parent View. Your child’s school is an application launched by the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills – a governmental institution dedicated to the standardization of education and quality of education of children and young people in the UK. The application has been launched to collect views […]

PL: Otwarta Warszawa

Otwarta Warszawa is an example of using crowdsourcing solutions in urban space. Users of the website (most likely residents of Warsaw, although there are no restrictions on who can register) can submit ideas, which will then be passed to the city authorities, and the most interesting of them will be […]


The open data portal is run by Difi agency, which is responsible for the development of e-government in Norway. Its aim is to promote the culture of openness, providing new opportunities for development of economy based on the re-use of public data and creation of new jobs in the public […]


Opasnet was initiated by Jouni Tuomisto and Mikko Pohjola, researchers from the National Institure for Health and Welfare in Helsinki, dealing with the effects of the environment on human health. The National Institute for Health and Welfare institutionally supports development of the application. Opasnet is a wiki website, which is […]

UK: Ofgem – the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets

The Ofgem website is primarily informative. It provides information about: The office (organization, structure, policy, cooperation with other entities), practical information on energy and gas to be used by both individual and group consumers (enterprises, industry) (change of supplier, complaints, bills, tips on how to save, etc), information on the […]


The is an Institutions 2.0 type of a website implemented by the authorities of the State of New York. It is a focal point for many minor websites and pages dedicated to specific functions such as open data such as,; city’s information policy –, as well […]

NO: Bergen Kommune

Bergen Kommune is a community portal of the city of Bergen. It is one example of local government portals using e-Gov 2.0 solutions for communication with residents. Via the portal, a user has access to all necessary information on the services provided by the local government, including health care, environment […]

UK: Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a website started by an NGO – Neighbourhood & Home Watch. Its main objective was to create a tool (instruments and procedures) for effective cooperation between institutions and citizens in security and public order in the UK. The project is based on effective cooperation between citizens, local […]

UK: Neighbourhood Statistics

Neighbourhood Statistics is the name of one of the specialized cells/units involved in the collection and publication of statistical data in the UK. The unit was established in 2001. The aim of the institution is to help and support Neighbourhood Renewal, in terms of the quality of published statistical data, […]