USA: JPL Infographics

JPL is a database of information also presented graphically (photos, visualizations, 3D graphics) provided to users for creating their own visualizations, as well as educational materials in the form of infographics. The website assumes users’ activity on a number of levels. The first level is the provisioning of information – […]

PL: Jawny Lublin

Jawny Lublin website was established as grassroots initiative of one of Lublin’s foundation. The website is an example of using public data (in the form of graphical visualization). The data, gathered on the website, come from the Lublin Town Hall and were made available on the basis of the law […]

UE: It’s Your Parliament

It’s Your Parliament is an application developed by the Danish IT company Buhl & Rasmussen. The concept of the application is based on using public data on the activity of members of the European Parliament – gathering and sharing the data in the form of a transparent information service. As […]


GLEAM allows to create a simulation of the global spread of infectious diseases. The service is implemented using an application installed on a local PC. The simulation consists of three layers: data on world population; data on the mobility of this population; individual mathematical model of the dynamics of infection. […]


iMentors is an application designed to collect and share information about investments in infrastructure and improving the exchange of views and information between the service users. The objective of the platform is to gather information about the so-called e-infrastructure (networks, research infrastructure, projects, organizations), i.e. resources that may be useful […]

UK: Illustreets

The Illustreets implementation is an example of the use of data published in the UK for the development of applications by a commercial entity. The Illustreets was designed as a tool, to ultimately help choosing the right place to reside in the United Kingdom. It has a range of functionalities […]

UE: European Union legislation

Application The evolution of European Union Legislation is an example of the use of open public data. The presented solution is a graphical representation of the development of European legislation from 1951 to 2011. The application shows the quantitative increase in legal acts at annual intervals. The legislative activity of […]

PL: Dobre Pomysły Krosno

Dobre Pomysły Krosno [English: Good Ideas Krosno], is a city’s consultative-advisory website. On the website, citizens can propose their ideas concerning solutions for local issues and needs. The submitted ideas are then discussed and voted. Each new user, after setting up and individual account, can immediately add new proposals for […]

USA: Discover Boston Public Schools

Discover Boston Public Schools is an application which was launched in 2011 by the employees of the Code of America along with the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics for the needs of the Boston Public Schools. Discover Boston Public Schools is a web-based system designed for searching information on […]

FI: DigiTalkoot_

DigiTalkoot was a joint project carried out by the National Library of Finland and Microtask company. The project was implemented between February 8, 2011 and November 29, 2012. The aim of DigiTalkoot was digitizing the archives of libraries to make them available online. The digitization covered particularly old newspapers annuals […]