Argentyna/USA: DemocracyOS

DemocracyOS is an international project, but the centre is localized in two places: in Silicon Valley (California, USA) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). The project was developed in 2012 as a result of considerations and conceptual work aimed at creating solutions that will adapt political system to the era of information […]


Drugle is an example of the using data and public records for developing a web application. The application is a semantic search engine of medical and pharmacological products. The application was created in 2009. The initiator and sponsor of the application is Karolinska Institutet, and the first managing company was […]

UK: is a portal, through which the United Kingdom achieves its strategic objectives in the field of Open Government Initiative. The website was created in order to gather all the data provided by the British Government under license Government Open Data Licence 3.0, in one place (Link: The main […]

USA: Cycle Atlanta

Cycle Atlanta is a mobile application designed for cyclists. The objective of its implementation is to gather information on the conditions of using urban cycling roads in Atlanta. Cyclists record their route by means of turning the application on. Information on frequency of use of roads, opinions on their condition […]

USA: CrowdMag

CrowdMag is an example of using  civic activity and modern technologies for research carried out by public research institutions. The project consists in global measurement of magnetic field. The activities are carried out using a web-based application, magnetometers built into modern smartphones. Therefore, ordinary phone users may become participants in […]

PL: Centralne Repozytorium Informacji Publicznej

The Central Repository of Public Information is an application that allows access and re-use of so-called information resources – “public information of special importance for the development of innovation in the country and the development of the information society and making-up elements of the information resource of public information (e.g. […]

USA: Councilmatic

Councilmatic is one of many e-government 2.0 applications developedunder the projectCode for America. Purpose of the tool streamlining the process of public consultation on considered legal acts. The solution was implemented at the level of urban local authorities of Philadelphia. As part of the Councilmatic application, one can distinguish between […]

UK: Commonplace

Commonplace is an online application for consultation, exchanging opinions and social dialogue residents of local communities. The portal enables to create a profile for citizens in a given location (municipality, district, neighbourhood, street etc.), where users can express their opinions and post comments about their immediate neighbourhood, life conditions and […]

USA: Citizen Archivist

Citizen Archivist is one of the most recognized applications of “e-activity” concept. The service introduces a number of functions designed to encourage users to work together on digitization of archival materials. Thanks to the commitment from the Internet users, it is to accelerate works on the creation of documentation, but […]

PL: Budżet obywatelski Starego Sącza

At the stage of submitting projects, the homepage provides a function of submitting projects online, one can download all the required documents and acknowledge with the procedure for submitting the projects in a traditional way, one can also view a list of projects already submitted, and it is also possible […]