E-Gov input level for United Kingdom

CategoryFactor level for 2009Factor level for 2013
GDP per capita (USD)33 757.434 776.6
Unemployment rate (%)5,05 %7,02 %
IDI (ICT Development Index)7.6*8,05
HDI (Human Development Index)0.895*0.892
EGDI Total (E-Government Development Index - Total)0.81470.8695
OSI (Online Service Index, EGDI component)0.77460.8976
TII (Telecommunication Infrastructure Index EGDI component)0.71640.8534
HCI (Human Capital Index EGDI component)0.95420.8574
OSI Stage 3 (Online Service Index Stage 3: Transactional services, EGDI component) (%)7163
OSI Stage 4 (Onlice Service Index Stage 4: Connected services, EGDI component) (%)2588
EPI (E-Participation Index)0.77140.9608
EPI (E-Participation Index)0.68570.7647

(*) data for 2010

Methodology: indicators choice & data source

E-government acts and documents for the United Kingdom