New Zealand: Loomio


1. Implementation procedure

Name of the institution running website/application:Loomio Co-operative Ltd, New Zealand The Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C., Taiwan
Type of the institution running website/application: an implementation carried out by a non-governmental institution or a private entity
Source of financing: public resources - state budget
Year of launching the website/application: 2011
Service's/application's rating:

2. Implementation's characteristics

Loomio is an online application that allows for starting discussions and making collective decisions on issues suggested by users.

The application was designed as a tool for organising public meetings and sharing opinions/making decisions on important topics by way of structuralized discussions and voting. Initially established by a group of volunteers, it is now developed by the Loomio Co-operative Limited created by them. The application is based on the Software as a Service software, allowing both private users and public/commercial institutions to create their user accounts and develop communities.

Each and every of the users can create their own account and, then, join an existing community or develop a new one. They can suggest topic for discussion and put particular proposals to the vote. A user can agree, abstain, disagree or block a given discussion, as well as formulate an alternative proposal that will also be subject to voting.

Loomio is ever more frequently used by governmental institutions for consulting and voting. The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) decided to make the application available to the participants of the National Energy Conference as a tool facilitating participation and proposing topics for discussion:

3. Detailed description categories

Type of the service's/application user:
  • G2C: citizens
The application service's usage area:
  • informational role fulfilled by public institutions (“we inform”)
A communication - an indication of all the media and dissemination
  • Independent website dedicated to the application / solution eGov
Access to the full functionality of the service
  1. Access to the service using other Internet applications [account on Facebook / Twitter / Google + etc.]
  2. Access to the service requires you to register your account on the site - registration requires a specific data
    • Name
    • email adress
    • password
Tracking of user's activity:
  • verification via a link sent to your email
The service's/application's usage areas
  1. Collective decision making, crowdsourcing
Forms of interaction with users:
  1. Forum
  2. Social networks (connected with Fb, Twitter, etc.)
  3. Online voting
Service's/Application's integration to social networking sites
  • Yes
Availability of service/application use instruction
Is the connection encrypted?
  • Yes

4. Service's/Application's integration with social networking sites

As for: 05.02.2015
Facebook number of fans: 3174
Twitter number of followers: 3 454, number of tweets: 3 665
YouTube number of subscribers: 180, number of films: 24

5. Screen gallery

The list of topics that are currently being discussed within the communities | Lista tematów aktualnie podejmowanych w ramach społeczności

An example of a discussion and the form for decision-making | Wątek dyskusji i formularz podejmowania decyzji

Putting a new proposal to the vote | Poddawanie nowej propozycji pod głosowanie