NO: Spør Barneombudet

Spør Barneombudet

1. Implementation procedure

Name of the institution running website/application:Barneombudet
Type of the institution running website/application:

an implementation execute by a government institution

Source of financing:

public resources - state budget

Year of launching the website/application: In 1999, the authority launched a service “Klar melding til Barnoumbudet” (Clear message to the Ombudsman) on the website, and in 2013 a new website and service – “Spør Barneombudet” (Ask the Ombudsman)” were launched
Service's/application's rating:

2. Implementation's characteristics

The website enables children to contact online with the Ombudsman. Norway was the first country in the world to establish an institution of an ombudsman – dealing exclusively with children’s rights (1981). Owing to the analyzed solution, persons below 18 years of age, can post, directly on the institution’s website, queries pertaining to their rights. People posting queries remain anonymous – they only fill in their gender. The questions concern various areas – relations with parents, relations at school, teachers, the use of social media by minors, etc. The answers are also posted on the Ombudsman’s website and visible to everybody. The questions are posted in order of entries on the website and archived. It is also possible to browse questions in thematic categories of interest (e.g. family, school, personal life, who decides?, Rights, Friends/Sweethearts, Mobbing, Harassment, Emotions, Bonds). The website includes links to social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram). These are official profiles of the implementing institution. The service is very popular. In 2014, the Ombudsman received a total of 1,480 queries from minors.



The website on which the service is located. The query entry form to the Ombudsman. To the right hand side, queries by topic category.

log-in screen

A window with queries to the Ombudsman

a page where the user performs certain actions and specifiying the type of these actions

A window with queries to the Ombudsman and his/her answer


Linked profiles of the implementing institution in social networking media

3. Detailed description categories

Type of the service's/application user:
  • G2C: citizens
The application service's usage area:
  • informational role fulfilled by public institutions (“we inform”)
A communication - an indication of all the media and dissemination
  • A website of the institution that provides application / solution eGov; includes a thematic section of the application
Access to the full functionality of the service
  1. Access to the service is not required to verify the identity of users / does not require registration of your account.
Tracking of user's activity:
  • without verification / automatic verification
The service's/application's usage areas
  1. Petitions
Forms of interaction with users:
  1. Social networks (connected with Fb, Twitter, etc.)
  2. Search engine
  3. Video materials
  4. Transfer content - text, images, videos, etc.
Service's/Application's integration to social networking sites
  • Yes
Availability of service/application use instruction
  • None
Is the connection encrypted?
  • No

4. Service's/Application's integration with social networking sites

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The project hasn't its profiles on networking sites:

5. Screen gallery