PL: Budżet obywatelski Starego Sącza

Participatory budget of Stary Sącz

1. Implementation procedure

Type of the institution running website/application:

an implementation carried out by local government institution

an implementation carried out by a non-governmental institution or a private entity

Source of financing:

public resources - local governments and other local authorities,

private resources – foundations, associations

financed/co-finaced with public resources as a grant

Year of launching the website/application: 2014/2015
Service's/application's rating:

2. Implementation's characteristics

At the stage of submitting projects, the homepage provides a function of submitting projects online, one can download all the required documents and acknowledge with the procedure for submitting the projects in a traditional way, one can also view a list of projects already submitted, and it is also possible to view them on a map. In addition, news on the participatory budget are available, including e.g. informational meetings for the citizens

The webpage does not require singing in. One can submit a project by means of filling in respective fields and attaching at least scanned lists of support. The project appears on the list within three days of submission, as within the timeframe, a user can also edit their application.

After the voting finishes, the results appear, and yet authorized persons from the office, will be able to edit particular projects, selected for implementation, in order to inform of their implementation stage, while users will still be able to comment.

The described implementation is an application, which is a support for carrying out the entire process of participatory budgeting in the municipality of Stary Sącz. The application has been created in order to enable the residents to submit budget proposals electronically, apart from doing so in traditional way.

All submitted projects, having been approved by staff in charge of website maintenance, are displayed on a list of projects, and additionally located on a map. Therefore, a user, can select a way, he or she wants to view the projects submitted.

By accessing the pages of individual projects, one can acknowledge themselves with details on them, as well as post a comment. The website also serves as a communication channel between the office and the residents, it contains news concerning all events connected with participatory budget. Users, are therefore content creators of project descriptions, however the content needs to be verified by the staff in charge of website maintenance or a project partner, prior to publication. The users are also entitled to post comments regarding individual projects. All other activities on the platform are reserved for authorized representatives of the office.
At the stage of voting on the participatory budget, the button with a link to a website for submitting projects, is removed from the homepage, and is replaced with one linking to a page where one can vote.

After the voting is finished, the results and a list of projects approved for implementation are published. The list of projects includes descriptions with current information on the progress in implementation.




Website for submitting the project

Website  for submitting the project

Website for browsing submitted projects

Website for browsing submitted projects

Website containing a description of the project

Website containing a description of the project

3. Detailed description categories

Type of the service's/application user:
  • G2C: citizens
The application service's usage area:
  • services: cooperation of institutions and citizens in the implementation of public tasks ("we inform, talk and cooperate")
Tracking of user's activity:
  • without verification / automatic verification
The service's/application's usage areas
  1. Collective decision making, crowdsourcing
Forms of interaction with users:
  1. Online voting
  3. Interactive maps/maps integrated with Google Maps
  4. Transfer content - text, images, videos, etc.
Service's/Application's integration to social networking sites
  • Yes
Availability of service/application use instruction
Is the connection encrypted?
  • Yes

4. Service's/Application's integration with social networking sites

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The project hasn't its profiles on networking sites:

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