1. Implementation procedure

Name of the institution running website/application:the Fundacja Rzeczpospolita Rowerowa Foundation
Type of the institution running website/application:

an implementation carried out by a non-governmental institution or a private entity

Source of financing:

financed/co-finaced with public resources as a grant

Year of launching the website/application: 2014
Service's/application's rating:

2. Implementation's characteristics is a social project designed and coordinated by the Fundacja Rzeczpospolita Rowerowa Foundation. It was created as a tool facilitating the development of the infrastructure of cycle routes. It also offers a modern way of conducting social consultations and communication with respect to the needs of the inhabitants of Polish cities in terms of cycle infrastructure.

The underlying idea behind the project is gathering users’ ideas and projects of cycle routes and, then, sending these suggestions to respective district offices.

The service allows each logged-in user to develop-draw, with the use if simple localization tools, their own projects of cycle routes. Each project, featuring a sequence of location points, a chart illustrating the existing road elevations and, optionally, a description, is given a reference number. All map projects can be seen on Google Maps.

Apart from the visualizations created by users, the available maps also feature the already delineated tourist trails, cycle routes, as well as especially marked accommodation places, tourist attractions and cycling parks.

More information about the service can be found on Facebook.

3. Detailed description categories

Type of the service's/application user:
  • G2C: citizens
The application service's usage area:
  • services: cooperation of institutions and citizens in the implementation of public tasks ("we inform, talk and cooperate")
A communication - an indication of all the media and dissemination
  • Independent website dedicated to the application / solution eGov
Access to the full functionality of the service
  1. Access to the service requires you to register your account on the site - registration requires a specific data
    • email adress
    • password
Tracking of user's activity:
  • without verification / automatic verification
The service's/application's usage areas
  1. The cooperation of citizens with public institutions (voluntary civic)
Forms of interaction with users:
  1. Interactive maps/maps integrated with Google Maps
  2. Transfer content - text, images, videos, etc.
  3. Location users
Service's/Application's integration to social networking sites
  • Yes
Availability of service/application use instruction
Is the connection encrypted?
  • Yes

4. Service's/Application's integration with social networking sites

As for: 30.01.2015
Facebook number of fans: 473

5. Screen gallery

The page of registration in the service <<Strona rejestracji w serwisie>>

Login page <<Strona logowania>>

Information about the project <<Informacje o projekcie>>

Instruction for the service’s users <<Instrukcje dla użytkowników serwisu>>

The drawing maps module <<Moduł rysowania map>>

Visualization of the cycle route created with the use of the application and the route’s description panel <<Wizualizacja stworzonej trasy i panel opisu dla wyrysowanej za pomocą aplikacji trasy rowerowej>>

Saving a map created within the service <<Zapis opracowanej w ramach serwisu mapy>>

Deleting or editing the created map <<Usuwanie lub edycja opracowanej mapy >>

Reviewing the routes created by a given user <<Przegląd tras opracowanych przez użytkowników serwisu>>

Examples of the descriptions of cycle routes available in the service <<Przykładowe opisy map rowerowych zamieszczonych w serwisie>>

Examples of the descriptions of cycle routes available in the service <<Przykładowe opisy map rowerowych zamieszczonych w serwisie>>