USA: MapBox


1. Implementation procedure

Name of the institution running website/application:MapBox Inc. with cooperation with OpenStreetMap
Type of the institution running website/application:

an implementation carried out by a non-governmental institution or a private entity

Source of financing:

private resources - companies

Year of launching the website/application: 2011
Service's/application's rating:

2. Implementation's characteristics

MapBox is a service developed by a private enterprise, but it’s based on the use of public open data made available thanks to the portal.

Offered by the service is, in the first place, the possibility of downloading and creating (through the MapBox Studio) various types of maps, as well as using them within other applications or incorporating to other websites designed by users. Users are also provided with free access to several tool facilitating the implementation of maps (tools adjusted to the specificity of particular technologies and operation systems, e.g. iOS, Android, JavaScript API, GL) in their own applications. Besides, MapBox allows for developing open data maps (updating in terms of, for instance, constructed roads, buildings and parks).

Registration of an account and login are required to gain access to the service’s funcionality.

The website features links to social media sites: Facebbok, Twitter and Instagram. Within the latter separate profiles devoted to the service offered by MapBox are run featuring examples of the available maps and satellite/drone pictures.

3. Detailed description categories

Type of the service's/application user:
  • G2C: citizens
  • G2B: business
The application service's usage area:
  • services: cooperation of institutions and citizens in the implementation of public tasks ("we inform, talk and cooperate")
A communication - an indication of all the media and dissemination
  • Independent website dedicated to the application / solution eGov
Access to the full functionality of the service
  1. Access to the service requires you to register your account on the site - registration requires a specific data
    • Name
    • Surname
    • email adress
    • password
Tracking of user's activity:
  • verification via a link sent to your email
The service's/application's usage areas
  1. Safety: Reports to police/fire brigade, etc.
  2. Solutions for business
  3. Services related to health care
  4. Open Data
  5. Participation of citizens in collecting data (eg. Citizen scientist)
Forms of interaction with users:
  1. Blog
  2. Social networks (connected with Fb, Twitter, etc.)
  3. Use of open data provided by public institutions (open date)
  4. Interactive maps/maps integrated with Google Maps
Service's/Application's integration to social networking sites
  • Yes
Availability of service/application use instruction
Is the connection encrypted?
  • Yes

4. Service's/Application's integration with social networking sites

As for: 9.02.2015
Facebook number of fans: 3 876
Twitter number of followers: 28 700, number of tweets: 3 602
Instagram number of followers: 1 614

5. Screen gallery

Homepage <<Strona główna>>

Login window <<Strona logowania>>

Access to a wide range of maps (available to download free of charge) <<Dostęp do różnorodnych rodzajów map (z możliwością darmowego pobrania przez użytkownika)>>

Access to the OpenStreetMap database and the possibility of developing it <<Dostęp do bazy OpenStreetMap, z możliwością rozbudowy bazy>>

Access to the OpenStreetMap database and the possibility of developing it <<Dostęp do bazy OpenStreetMap, z możliwością rozbudowy bazy>>

Access to various tools (adjusted to the specificity of particular operation systems) allowing for implementing maps in the user’s application. <<Dostęp do narzędzi (dostosowanych do poszczególnych systemów operacyjnych), umożliwiających zaimplementowanie mapy w aplikacji użytkownika>>